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Arriba! Yvate! was a production directed by Emilie Lelouch in 2006, in Paraguay, and presented in the first train station ever built in South America (Asuncion, 1861).


During a month, 12 performers from France, Paraguay, Chili and Uruguay worked in the station and created “Arriba!Yvate!”. Mixing different cultures and different arts – dance, acrobatics, break-dance, aerial performance and traditional harp – this show has been a wonderful artistic and human experience. It received great attention and was featured on many local media.


“Arriba” is a kind of encouragement in Spanish, like "Go! Go! Come on!" but also invites people to look up. “Yvate” has exactly the same meaning, but not in Spanish, in Guarani which is the local Indian language. Guarani is still spoken today throughout the country but next to Spanish, it is recognized as an official language in Paraguay, which is unique in South America. By choosing to put the title in both languages, the whole team wanted to pay tribute to the Indian people.


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