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Founded in 2006 by Emilie Lelouch, the Kalahari Company pioneers a range of activities related to entertainment, sport, culture and the arts in general.


By weaving a creative process – using techniques from circus, dance, painting, song, drama, drawing, music, sculpture and writing - we invite people to share a joint "experience" and, in so doing, learn from each other. This allows people to travel far beyond the normal divides and limits that families, jobs, skin colors, religions or countries, force us to live within.

By helping everyone in his or her own creative process and by creating bridges between people, the Kalahari Company hopes to facilitate better self-understanding and thereafter, greater and enduring respect for self and others.


To this end, the Kalahari Company organizes different events, workshops and productions, all over the world.

For one day or one year, for one person or a hundred, in rural areas, small towns or big cities, for children or grannies, for men and women... we value and experience diversity and exploration in all its forms...


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